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BROWN THORNBILL Size 140mmx170mm (6.5"x7.5") Price $600 

A HUFFIN AND A PUFFIN (Atlantic Puffin) Size 275mmx360mm (11"x14") Price $100

SPECTACLED MONARCH Size 140mmx170mm.(5.5"x6.5") Price $600

BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEE Size 140mmx170mm (5.5"x6.5") Price $600


ON THE ROCKS (Spotted tailed Quoll") Size 260mmx380mm (10"x15") Price $900

A BIT OF A FAN (Rufous Fantail)  Size 220mmx300mm (9"x12") Price $900

                     Size 220mmx300mm (9"x12") Price $900

HER MAJESTY (Monarch Butterfly)  Size 180mmx260mm (7"x10") Price $1200