All prices are in Australian dollars. Click in the thumbnail for larger image.
     THE DRIFTER (Australasian Grebe) Size 220mmx300mm (9"x12") Price $900

THE WHISTLER (Rufous Whistler) Size 220mm x 300mm.(9"x12") Price $900
TAKING A BREAK(Eastern Spinebill) Size 290mmx290mm (11"x11") Price $990
RED CAPPED ROBIN  Size 140mmx170mm (5.5"x6.5") Price $600 

THE MIDAS TOUCH (Golden Whistler) Size 220mm x 310mm (8.5"x12") Price $990 


PURPLE THROATED WOODSTAR Size 220mmx300mm (9"x12") Price $900

  THE FOSSICKER (Royal Spoonbill)  Size 300mx540mm (12"x21") Price $1500